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2017 NORTH 8 Man Roster

NO Name Position Height Weight High School
3  Will Shumacher RB/LB 5'6" 150 Tulelake
7  Gerardo Licea G/DB 5'10" 170 Butte Valley
12 Sid Walker OL/DE 6'1" 230  Tulelake
14 Wyatt Schmitt WR/S 5'11" 150  Big Valley
15 Treyce Ashcraft RB/LB 5'11" 171  Dunsmuir
23 Darian Mathes RB/LB 6'1" 190  Weed
 24  Dillion Page  OL/DB  6'  190  Weed
25  Jacob Halderman TE/DE 6'3" 190  Hayfork
 26  Logan Leventon WR/CB 5'7" 120  Big Valley
 80  Grant Baldwin  TE/DE  6'  175  Butte Valley
34  Rene Perez S/WR 5'4" 135 Butte Valley
50  Dustin Wood OL/DE 5'11" 195 Tulelake
 55  Lewis Williams  OL/DL  6'3"  275  Weed
 54 Caleb Weldon  DE  6'1"  190 Big Valley
77 Chase Ohm G/DE 6'3" 210  Big Valley
 76 Noah Triance  C/DE  6'2"  195 Happy Camp

HEAD COACH:  Jason Allen (Butte Valley High School)



2017 SOUTH 8 Man Roster

NO Name Position Height Weight High School
 1  Michael Schmitt QB/CB  6'2"  160  Redding Christian
 2  Noe Rodriquez  FB/DT  5'11"  180  Mercy
 3  Josh Flaherty  RB/CB  5'10"  160 Redding Christian
 10  Keoni Lynam  TE/DE  6'5"  220  Redding Christian
 18  Brent Washoe TE/LB  5'10"  180  Greenville
 22 Tyler Cherry  SE/LB  5'10"  175 Greenville
 24  Chris Gibson  HB/CB 5'9" 170  Greenville
5 Tyler Opdyke       Redding Christian
 34  Sheridan Kusel  FB/CB  5'11"  200 Greenville
  Kyle Wood  TE/De 6'  190  Los Molinos
   Michael Immoos C/OG/NG 6'1" 240 Prineton
52  Tony Chambliss  C/NG  5'9"  230  Los Molinos
 55  Dawson Spencer  OG/LB  6' 200  Los Molinos
63  Gavin Parker  OG/DE 6'  300  Mercy
66 Jake Starditer  OG/DE  6'2"  220 Redding Christian
 72  Dartagnan Kingwell  C/NG  6'  250  Mercy
HEAD COACH David Keller (Greenville High School)

Documents and Information

Congratulations & Announcement Banquet - PDF or WordDoc

Medical Form - PDF or WordDoc

Physicians Form - PDF or WordDoc

Coaches Notes / Camp Info - PDF or WordDoc


Rules and Regulations

Last updated:  November 29, 2011


1.0 Selection of coach

1a. The coach from the North League champion and the coach of the South League champion will be given the first opportunity to coach the teams, unless he coached the All-Star game from the previous year.
1b. If the first place coach can not or will not coach the team, then the second place coach of the respective league will have the next opportunity. Then the 3rd place coach will have the next opportunity, etc.
1c. No one will coach in back-to-back years unless it is a last resort.
1d. In the case of a co-champion, play-off seeding will be the tie-breaker.

2.0 Head Coach Information

2a. The head coach shall arrange room and board for camp.
2b. The head coach selects his own assistants.
2c. The number of coaches is limited to four.
2d. The head coach may assign a team trainer.


3.0 Player Selection

3a. The head coach shall draft the players for his squad (north/south).
3b. Seniors shall be nominated by their head varsity coach to the Lions All-Star 8-Man Football Team.
3c. Only players from the nomination forms will be considered for the Lions All-Star 8-Man Football Team.
3d. Players must graduate from their nominating High School to be eligible to participate.
3e. The All-Star coach may employ any method he wished to assist in his player draft.
3f. Each squad is limited to 16 players.
3g. No more than four players may be selected from any team.
3h. One player must be selected from each team that submits a nomination.
3i.  Players are encouraged to bring High School sanctioned stickers to trade with their team mates (most commonly used on helmets)


4.0 Game and Practice Information

4a. The game will be played in the South on odd years and the North on even years.
4b. Five (5) days of practice must be held prior to the game.
4c. Practice will start on the Sunday prior to the game.
4d. Remember we are guests at all institutions we use, please exercise control of your players at all times.
4e. The head coach is responsible for practice arrangements, room and board.


5.0 Game Rules

5a. High School – CIF Rules will be used, with the following exceptions:
5b. Four (4) 10 minute quarters
5c. Only players lined up on the line of scrimmage one full second prior to the snap may rush the quarterback.
5d. Tie game if time expires and the score is tied – Game Over – No Overtime.


South team

Ray Odom @ (530) 826-3721

North team

Launa Myers @ (530) 221-3333