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2020 NORTH Team Roster

NO Name Position Height Weight High School
 1 Marquice Crowell WR/C 5'9" 170 Anderson
 2 Trayton Laustalot WR/TE/C 6'2" 180 Uprep
3 Tyler Carey WR/DB 5'11" 180 Foothill
 4 Riley Seay RB/C/S 5'5" 145 Uprep
5 Brandon Merryman QB/DB 6'1" 190 Foothill
6 Devin Toth RB/S/LB 6'1" 190 Corning
7 Eli Wehbey QB/DB 5'10" 175  Red Bluff
9  Cabe Lambert RB/LB 5'10" 200 West Valley
10 Trevor Trueblood QB/LB 6' 200 Uprep
 11 Hunter Landingham RB/MLB  6' 190 Los Molinos
12 Gustavo Carvillo QB/S 5'10" 185 Orland
13 Ethan Pike RB/LB 5'6" 140 Trinity
15 Kayden Crisci RB/LB 5'9" 205 Mt. Shasta
 16 Alex Guzman QB/LB     Weed
 24  Aaron Ogburn WR/FS 5'11"  165 Lassen
33 Alex Beltran WR/S 5'7" 165 Shasta
42  Colton Abel RB/ILB 5'11" 200 Uprep
44 Calvin Thackeray FB/MLB 6' 205 Etna
 50 Chase Nielsen T/DL 6' 200 Portola
 55 Cody Sisco OL/DL 6' 220 Foothill
 56 Elijah Morales LG/DE 5'10" 210 Lassen
61 Jacob Johnston OG/LB 5'10" 195 West Valley
64 Scott Lewis OT/DE 6'2" 215 Modoc
65 Lane Kindley LT/OT 6'3" 295 Mt. Shasta
 69 Cody Fuentes C/G/T 6'2" 260 Central Valley
72  Tyler Rightmier OL/DL     Yreka
77 Jason Kealiinohomoku Ot/DT 5'11" 240  Shasta
78 Jacob Anderson T/DL 6'1" 271 Enterprise

HEAD COACH:  Darren Trueblood - UPrep High



2020 SOUTH Team Roster

NO Name Position Height Weight High School
 1  Marvelous Owens  WR/CB 6'2"  170  Chico
2 Aiden Charter RB/SS 6' 185 Pierce
 3 Selso McTygue TE/LB 5'11" 200 Gridley
4 Abe Del Real WR/DB 6'4" 180 Chico
5 Luke Afato TE/MLB     Yuba City
6 Aldo Ambriz WR 5'8" 160 Williams
7 Miguel Hernandez-O'Rear TE/LB 5'7" 157 Hamilton
9 Junior Rivera RB/DB 6'1" 200 Pleasant Valley
 10 Chris Seegert WR/RB/SS 5'7" 165 Durham
 11 Juan Torres SS 5'11" 175 Lindhurst
 12 Isaiah Cardenas WR/DB 5'10" 170 Maxwell
 11  Trent DaSilva WR/DB 6'3" 195 Oroville
 11 Manny Lederer WR/RB/DE 5'8" 180 Willows
 18 Ian Harvey QB/SS 5'9" 165 River Valley
 22  Erik Palmquist QB/FS     Yuba City
40 Max Gipson TE/DE 6'2" 210 Sutter
44 Austin York RB/TE/DE 6'1" 235 Pleasant Valley
54 Jose Velazquez OL/DL     Paradise
55 Xavier Lopez OL/DL 6' 225 Colusa
  Kevin Brugmann OG/NG 5'8" 235 Sutter
57  Alex Theveos MLB     Las Plumas
61  Chris Soderlund OL/DL 6'2" 270 Wheatland
64 Johathon Widener OG/DT 6'3" 295 Live Oak
69 Carter Janosz OT/DT 6'4" 230 E. Nicholas
74 Jose Ramos OL/DT 6'2" 265 Biggs
75 Nathan Gill C     Yuba City
 77 Jaime Alejandro-Lara OT/DT 6'2" 280 Marysville
77 Josh Anderson LT  6'4" 205 Pleasant Valley
HEAD COACH - Aaron Gingery - Yuba City High



Documents and Information


Medical Form - PDF

Physicians Form - PDF or WordDoc

Coaches Notes / Camp Info - PDF or WordDoc


Rules and Regulations

Last updated: February 15. 2018



1.0   Selection of coach  11-man


1a.  To be eligible for selection a head varsity coach must have had his team qualify for the Northern Section or Sac-Joaquin Section play-offs. 

1b.  Every head varsity coach shall have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of his choice from the slate mailed

       to him by the Lions All-star football norcal committee.

1c.  Only one ballot will be counted from each high school.



2.0  Head coach information


2a. Select assistant coachers, a maximum of four.  Two additional coaches may be added in the press box for the game.  

2b. Select the players for the squad - 28 players

2c.  Introduce players at the Player Selection Banquet.

2d.  Maintain commuications with all players.  If a player drops from the team, select a replacement players (notify the team coordinator).

2e.  Conduct a team camp for players to practice the week of the game.

2f.  Choose a recipient for "Player of the Week" and give an award to the most outstanding player at camp.

2g. The coach of each victorious team shall choose the "MVP of the Game" at the end of the game.

2h. Select a team trainer (Stipend of $100.) 


3.0  Player selection


3a.  The head coach shall select the players for his squad(north/south).

3b.  Seniors shall be nominated by their head varsity coach to the Lions All-star coach.

3c.  Only players from the nomination forms will be considered for the Lions All-star football team.

3d.  Players must be on track to graduate from their nominating High School to be eligible to participate.

3e.  The all-star coach may employ any method he wishes to assist in the player selection.

3f.   Each squad is limited to 28 players.

3g.  No more than four players may be selected from the team of the all-star coach, no more than three players may

       be selected from any other team.

3h.  One player must be selected from each 11-Man team that submits a nomination.

3i.   Players are encouraged to bring High School sanctioned stickers to trade with their team mates (most commonly used on helmets).

3j.  Coaches MUST choose replacement players from the player nomination submitted by the participating schools.


4.0  Game and practice information


4a.  The game will be played in the South on odd years and the North on even years.

4b.   Five (5) days of practice must be held prior to the game.

4c.  Practice will start on the Monday prior to the game.

4d.  Remember we are guests at all institutions we use, please exercise control of your players at all times.

4e.  The head coach is responsible for practice arrangements and the supervision of players.  The Lions will be responsible for securing a practice site

       and room & board. (Only room & board for four coaches.)


5.0  Game Rules 


5a.  High School - CIF Rules will be used, with the following exceptions:

5b.  Four(4) 12 minute quarters

5c.  Only players lined up on the line of scrimmage in "down position" may rush the quarterback.

5d. Tie game if time expires and the score is tied - Game Over - no Overtime.


Director: Ray Odom (530) 826-3721

South team coordinator: Scott Johnson (530) 891-8182

North team coordinator:  Charie Osuna (530) 275-1642